Founded in 1968, IMCA produces mechanical, hydraulic and hydropneumatic shock absorbers for motorbikes, bikes and mopeds, suitable for use in all types of two-wheelers (mopeds, motorbikes, scooters, mountain bikes, etc. ). We also produce shock absorbers for many other uses, such as trailers, seats, little cars, and industrial machinery.
It's possible to produce "Historical" shock absorbers (60 and 70) for motorcycles of all brands.
We produce simple, functional and sturdy items, and our speed and easy of production (also on items fully tailored on customer's needs) are what qualifies IMCA as the perfect business partner.

All our products are "Made in Italy": components, machining, finishing, assembly all produced ​​in Italy.

I.M.C.A. sas wish you happy holiday; we will be closed from 1st August to 28th August included.
For information we will always be traceable by email, fax or social network.

IMCA S.a.s., Via Salvador Allende, 40, Pianoro (BO) - Phone 051/776.105 - Fax 051/776.185
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