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About us

I.M.C.A. Shock absorbers was founded in 1968 to produce mechanical shock absorbers for mopeds.

The company then rapidly establishes itself as a solid one, as simplicity and sturdiness of its products and speed and ease of production (with complete tailoring) distinguish it from other firms.

A new mountain bike product line immediately goes side by side to the original one, and then came an ever expanding range of shock absorbers (hydraulic and hyropneumatic) which cover nearly all the possible needs of two-wheelers (mopeds, scooters, mountain bikes) and also suits many other uses, such as seats, trailers, cars and industrial machinery.

In 1998 the company greets its 30 years of activity by getting ISO 9001 certified, which consolidates the long tradition of quality that has always made I.M.C.A. a solid business partner.

Also, 1988 sees the birth of a new product line, NO MAN'S LAND , which sports racing shock absorbers for mopeds and scooters.

In year 2000, the eve of the millenium, I.M.C.A. introduced a new separately managed brand, PRO.shock, which includes exclusively designed shock absorbers for racing and leisure scooters and mopeds.

The company's development is focused on a number of fronts:
- Always looking to improve technical and functional products;
- Acquisition of the most modern equipment for the testing of products, components and subcontracted work;
- Continued rationalization of production processes to improve delivery times;
- Redesign of the products is to modernize the image to retrieve the vintage look (if required).

In 2005, mechanical shock absorbers are completely renewed in form, function and in the production system.

In 2009, the oleo-pneumatic shock absorbers are equipped with the most sophisticated control systems and, in 2014, the full range of shock absorbers for Vespa and Lambretta in their original and special version.

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