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IMCA: 40 years of shockabsorbers

From “Fare”- monthly newspaper of Unindustria Bologna (september 2009) - in Italian language

IMCA celebrates its first 40 years, the company is one of the "historical" names in the production of shock absorbers for motorcycles, scooters and bicycles.

Over the decades the IMCA faced competition from Portugal, Turkey, North Africa, India and China; passed its first forty years with a turnover of 1.2mln Euro, an export of more than 50%. “We have developed new technologies, we have optimized mounting system, we worked a lot on the service” says the Owner Andrea Trentini “Our strength has always been especially great flexibility: being small, we are more flexible in customization for our clients”.

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IMCA: To program the production in a simple and effective way

Case study in collaboration with OPTA srl (april 2011) - in Italian language

For several years IMCA must manage a demand increasingly unpredictable and variable; customers order smaller quantities and the number of codes to handle is more and more numerous because of the demands of differentiation increasingly thrusts.

After the reorganization, following the principles of "The Lean Production", always in the spirit of pursuing continuous improvement, the company is once again forced to review the logistics and production process.

Only through a simplification and reorganization of its processes in order to reduce lead times and improve efficiency can meet customer demand by creating value for the market (high quality, cost, delivery speed).

The OPTA project (consulting firm specializing in the management of the business) aimed to simplify the analysis of the order book as a function of production planning.

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